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Rede des Bezirksbürgermeisters Stephan von Dassel beim Städtepartner Holon


Boker tow (Guten Morgen)

Dear Major, dear Rami, dear hosts and all who made our stay possible.

Politicians always pretend to speak for the people, but at least here and now I am convinced that I speak for all Berliners who have the pleasure to be here.

Toda, toda raba (danke, vielen Dank) for all the efforts you have already made and – if I look at our fascinating program – you are going to make to show us your city and your country and help us to learn about your country, the history, the present and – this is the main reason why we came here – the people in your town and in your country.

Israel and Jewish life are very present in Berlin right now – not only due to the historic guilt that we will never forget, but with so many people from your country and your town who visit Berlin or even want to live in Berlin.

And to see these young people in our city and now to see these young People from Berlin in your city it makes me unbelievable happy. 70 years after Germany tried to destroy every inch of Jewish life, young people from Israel and Germany want to see each other, are curious about each other and want to learn from each other and right now live with each other.

If this is possible, nothing is impossible on our world.

So I am myself very curious and excited about what we can learn from you, how you manage the daily challenge of local political issues.

One thing we can definitely learn from you is hospitality and super organization.

Toda again for having us here and shalom to Israel.