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Day care and after-school care vouchers

The English version is currently disregarding the legal changes, these are only set out in the German vision. A revision of this site will be effected soon.

spielendes Kind mit Ball
spielendes Kind
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Dear Parents,

As well as issuing vouchers to be used to pay for nursery and day care for your children, we are also responsible for additional child care (after-school care) services at primary and special schools.
Our jurisdiction is based on the mother’s surname. To enable us to operate, we need the corresponding application form.

As we cannot provide an in-house interpreter for you, we would ask you to bring a person who can interpret for you, if needed.

Da wir leider keine eigenen Dolmetscher in unserem Haus für Sie bereit halten können, bringen Sie bei Bedarf bitte jemanden mit, der für Sie übersetzt.

When applying for nursery/day care, please note:

From 01/08/2018 nursery education and day care will not be charged

Only the monthly fee in the amount of EUR 23 for catering (lunch) will still have to be paid.

Supplementary day care payments

Supplementary day care payments are only permitted under certain criteria.

Applying for day care vouchers online

New: You can now also apply for day care vouchers online. The online form is designed in such a way that it is automatically adapted to the applicant’s entries. This means, for example, that for children over three years old, no information on the parents’ income is required, since day care is free from three years before starting school in Berlin. Once the online form has been completed, a one-page summary application is automatically produced. Please print this out, sign it and send it to your local Youth Welfare Office. In some cases, you may need to attach other documents (e.g. proof of income) to this summary application

Link to Online day care application

When applying for additional child care (after-school care) please note:

The following child care modules are available

  • early mornings (06.00 until 07.30)
  • early afternoons (13.30 until 16.00) and
  • late afternoons (16.00 until 18.00)

The notice of requirements and costs are produced by the Youth Welfare Office in which the child is registered as his or her main residence. The child care agreement can then be finalised. This generally takes place at the relevant education authority for the school or directly with the independent service provider (in our district, the child care agreement is signed at the Youth Welfare Office or with the independent provider).

The application for additional child care can be made at the same time as registering your child at the relevant primary school.

In addition to the contribution towards the cost of child care, there is a monthly fee of EUR 37 to cover catering costs (lunch).

Our contact details (jurisdiction based on the mother's surname)

You can also contact us by fax on fax no.: +49 (0)90298 4545 or by E-Mail (not for documents with electronic signatures)