Maintenance Advance / Unterhaltsvorschuss [en]

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The Maintenance Advance Office provides maintenance advances or maintenance replacement payments by which to secure the maintenance of children raised by single mothers or fathers, in accordance with Germany’s Maintenance Advance Law (Unterhaltsvorschussgesetz, UVG).

Unfortunately, we do not employ translators in our office. For this reason, if you require a translation, please bring your own translator.

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Since 1 July 2017, and assuming all legal eligibility criteria have been met, the maintenance advances are issued from the birth of a child onward and until its 18th birthday.

In the case of children older than twelve, one of the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • You and the child receive no social security payments in accordance with Book II of Germany’s social security statutes (SGB II).
  • The child will no longer receive SGB II payments as a result of the maintenance allowance being issued.
  • You receive SGB II payments to supplement a gross monthly income of at least 600 euros.

Further information is available on the websites of the Senate Department of Education, Youth and Family and the Berlin Service Portal

Application forms, forms on which to provide supplementary information on children older than twelve and instruction leaflets can be downloaded there.

Note: Applications should be submitted to the Youth Welfare Department (Jugendamt) at the child’s place of residence.

You can also submit your completed and signed application by mail or place it in the mailbox of our building.

Our contact information

Personal and telephone information on maintenance advance and application (extended consultation hours)


You can also submit your application for maintenance advance and the required documents to our Family Service Office during our extended consultation hours. The Office is located in room 4101 (Aufgang A, Frankfurter Allee 35/37). Our extended consultation hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 12:00

If you require extensive counseling on questions related to maintenance advance payments, please contact the Maintenance Advance Office (Unterhaltsvorschussstelle) directly (see opening times of the Maintenance Advice Office).

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Diese Übersetzung ist im Rahmen des Projektes: "Unterstützung in Vielfalt- Interkulturelle Öffnung der Jugendhilfe" mit dem Bildungsteam Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. entstanden.

Diese Übersetzung ist im Rahmen des Projektes: “Unterstützung in Vielfalt-
Interkulturelle Öffnung der Jugendhilfe” mit dem Bildungsteam Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. entstanden.