Crossover – many more options an der Volkshochschule Berlin Mitte

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Send us your course ideas!

Interaktion im VHS-Kurs
Image: Thabo Thindi

Are you learning German at the Volkshochschule Mitte? We are looking for trainers for all subjects apart from languages and music. What are you particularly good at? And can you help others learn it? It doesn’t matter what language you want to teach in! Some course examples: sports, cooking, dancing, theatre, meditation, sewing, professional skills for work, photography, painting or sculpture….

Each course consists of three lessons and you’ll be paid for each lesson you give. But for the participants, the course is free of charge. You could, for example, register friends or acquaintances learning German with you or those who have never been to Volkshochschule Mitte before.

Once a year, we’ll make a selection of all the course ideas. So apply here with your course proposal.

Thank you for your suggestion! We will select four proposals in autumn 2019 from all the ideas we receive and offer them in spring 2020!



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