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The protection of public space is of great importance regionally, nationally and internationally. For this reason, the Berlin Police has applied for funding from the European Fund for Internal Security (ISF-P) to carry out a project to strengthen the protection of public space.
SafeCi is a project of the “Best Practice” category. As part of a two-year project, an exchange of experience is currently taking place with police authorities from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. The aim of the project is to examine and analyse existing concepts, strategies and technical tools to improve the protection of public space.

The project consists of seven key topics. Questionnaires on these key topics have been developed in order to gather information from all participating countries. In addition, peer reviews allow for on-site examination of existing practices. The outcome and results of these interactions and experience-sharing will be compiled into a handbook, which will include best practices, innovative concepts and recommendations, and will be made available to other security authorities. Further, a sustainable network of the major participants will be established with the aim of creating and enhancing institutional links beyond the duration of the project.

The following topics are in focus:

  • Securing of event locations and operational areas, especially against ramming vehicles
  • Risk analyses and assessment of public spaces
  • Concepts and international standards with regards to structural measures for the protection of public spaces
  • Protection of critical infrastructures and vulnerable objects
  • Drone technology (drone defense and use of drone systems by security authorities)
  • Perceptual technologies and developments (video surveillance, detection and analysis software, human / machine link, Super Recognizer)
  • Awareness raising strategies and subject-related preventative approaches

The topics are prioritized and sharpened during international workshops. The peer reviews that will take place during the course of the project will allow for on-site visits of existing concepts, strategies and technical tools. Finally, the results of the exchange of experience are compiled in the form of a handbook and made available to other safety authorities. Furthermore, the establishment of a sustainable network of the involved stakeholders, also beyond the project duration, is planned.

3. SafeCi Workshop: A Virtual Meeting of Police and Science

Link to: 3. SafeCi Workshop: A Virtual Meeting of Police and Science
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From 02 to 03 December 2020, the 3rd SafeCi Workshop took place as a hybrid event. 150 participants, scientists and police officers from all over Europe - they all came together in analogue and digital form. More information

SafeCi Workshop concluded successfully

Link to: SafeCi Workshop concluded successfully
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How can we better protect public spaces in Europe? Which protection measures have proven to be effective? How much security can the population tolerate? More information

SafeCi on European Tour

Link to: SafeCi on European Tour
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Safer Space for Safer Cities" is on tour in Europe. The visits (peer reviews) to the European partner countries are an important part of the project. The first stop was Vienna. More information

Festive Kick-Off at the Berlin Town Hall & a Productive Workshop

Link to: Festive Kick-Off at the Berlin Town Hall & a Productive Workshop
Image: Polizei Berlin

Police President Dr. Barbara Slowik and State Secretary Torsten Akmann opened the EU project "Safer Space for Safer Cities" in the Berlin Town Hall in front of around 100 invited guests. During the subsequent workshop, all European partners worked on their topics - with success. More information

SafeCi Projekt

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