Parenting and Family Counselling

Hände halten Scherenschnitt einer Familie

Parenting and family counselling is a free programme for parents, guardians and couples as well as children and young people. The counselling can be taken advantage of directly and can also be conducted anonymously on request.

The counselling provides support for general questions about the development and upbringing of children and young people. You can also contact the counselling centres when difficulties in stages of life arise, such as during puberty, or if you have questions about behavioural problems in children and adolescents.

Or if you need help with family and couple conflicts, for example, in the event of a separation or divorce, custody and contact issues as well as cases of violence in the family.

Counselling centres

Those seeking advice can contact one of the 28 Berlin parenting and family counselling centres.

Counselling centre for separation and divorce situations

In Kreuzberg there is a counselling centre that specializes in separation and divorce situations. At Mehringdamm 50, the association “Working together in a family conflict” offers professional and interdisciplinary counselling and help for people in family conflicts, separation and divorce.

Counselling on the Internet

Berlin is involved in the nationwide project for counselling on the Internet – a project of the Federal Conference for Parenting and Family Counselling.

Cooperation with institutions involved in the parenting process

The parenting and family counselling centres also provide preventive work. They can be used by other institutions and specialists involved in children’s and young people’s upbringing, for example, for parents’ evenings on issues relevant to parenting or for cooperative projects. Interested institutions coordinate their cooperation with the counselling centre.

Framework agreement

Parenting and family counselling in Berlin is basically regulated by the framework agreement (RV EFB) that was concluded on 27 March 2006 for an unlimited period. In this framework agreement, experts and interested citizens can find, among other things, the regulations on the range of services and the financing of the counselling centres as well as their legal foundation.

  • Framework Agreement on Parenting and Family Counselling

    in the State of Berlin (RV EFB) in the version dated 21 December 2022

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