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Call of the participation in the Migration and Integration Advisory Board Spandau

Das Bewerbungsverfahren für den MIB 2021 – 2026 ist beendet.

Vielen Dank für die zahlreichen Interessenbekundungen.

In der Septembersitzung wird die Vorschlagliste zur Neuzusammensetzung fertiggestellt und der BVV übergeben. Die nächste öffentliche Sitzung des MIB wird für den 05.10.2021 zum Thema “Situation von Migrant*innen mit Beeinträchtigung in Spandau” vorbereitet.

Dear fellow citizens of Spandau,
Spandau is colorful and unique and we are all part of it. 38,6 % of the residents of Spandau have a history of migration or a refugee background. However, this social diversity is often still invisible in politics and administration. With the elections in September there will be a new chance to bring about concrete changes – not only for Germany and Berlin but directly on site in our district. Spandau elects a new mayor and a new municipal government. But not all residents of Spandau are allowed to vote. The Spandau Migration and Integration Advisory Council is in place to ensure that the interests of all citizens with a migration or refugee history in the district are heard. It is made up of migrant organizations and other non-profit actors who advises the administration on all matters relating to the themes of migration and integration, integration policy, diversity and interculturality as well as the promotion of democracy and the fight against discrimination. In order to be able to adequately fulfill this task over the next 5 years, we are looking for new comrades in arms.

Are you involved in any of the above areas in Spandau and want to make the concerns of the community you represent visible? You do not yet know the Migration and Integration Advisory Council and our work? The time has come. We look forward to your application and of course to getting to know you.
Dedicated greetings
Marianne Leubner – Chairwoman of the Migration and Integration Advisory Board Spandau

Please submit your application until 17.08. at:
Migrations- und Integrationsbeirat Spandau
Carl-Schurz-Straße 2/6
13597 Berlin

  • Call for application

    PDF-Dokument (27.6 kB)

  • Questionnaire for the application

    PDF-Dokument (46.0 kB)