Aufgrund der coronabedingten Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen ist der Betrieb und vor allem der Publikumsverkehr bei den Berliner Forsten bis auf weiteres eingeschränkt. Erkundigen Sie sich bitte telefonisch nach den Regelungen in den Berliner Forstämtern und Revierförstereien.



Enlarge photo: Mutual respect allows harmonious coexistence.
Mutual respect allows harmonious coexistence.
Image: Forestry Department

The Hobrechtswald is open all year round and has something to offer for everybody. To accommodate the interests of different users and to protect the habitat for plant and animal life, a number of rules apply for recreation, riding bicycles and walking dogs.

Do's and Don'ts for the Woodlands

  • Do not leave trash in the forest and do not litter or pollute the waters! Animals could eat the trash and might get sick.
  • Avoid unnecessary noise! The forest is a place of quiet and recreation and if you are silent you might get the opportunity to see or hear shy woodland creatures.
  • Keep dogs on a lead! In all seasons dogs are to be leashed at all times. Dogs are only allowed to run free in designated dog exercise areas. Please do not let your dog swim in the water.
  • Do not light fires! Open fire is very dangerous and can easily lead to a forest fire. Smoking is forbidden in all Berlin forests throughout the whole year.
  • Do not stay in the forest during thunderstorms! You could be hit by falling branches or by trees that have been struck by lightning.
  • Cars and motorcycles are not allowed! Only vehicles with a permit from the forestry commission are allowed to be used. Please only park your vehicle at designated parking lots, to avoid the risk of obstructing emergency vehicles or wood transporters.
  • Do not ride or cycle outside the paths! Cycling or riding is only allowed on broad or designated paths. Please be considerate of hikers and walkers.
  • Never disregard forestry barriers! There is a risk of death due to falling trees during logging.
  • Do not climb raised hides! Hunting facilities may not be entered due to security reasons.
  • Do not climb over cultivating fences! Please do not step onto young plants or break off branches to avoid harming the plants.
  • Do not scratch or carve the bark of trees! The trunk of a tree is unprotected in damaged areas.
  • Do not gather protected plants! You are only allowed to gather herbs or flowers if you recognize them and know they are not protected. This also applies to fruit.
  • Do not pet animals that appear tame! They might have rabies.

The Berlin Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten would also like to draw your attention to the special rules for horse riding.

Please also note the rules of behaviour at the entrances to pasture areas.