Signpost in the Hobrechtswald, 2012

Many paths lead to the forest "Hobrechtswald"


The Hobrechtswald lies in the north of the Pankow borough and spreads over the border of Berlin into Brandenburg. The Hobrechtswald is best explored by bicycle. The Hobrechtswald is well connected to the public transport system. The nearest station is Berlin-Buch, which is just a 30-minute ride on the S2 line from S-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße. From Berlin-Buch the Hobrechtswald can be reached by bicycle or bus or on foot. Access

Forestry Department Director Romeo Kappel tells the story of the Hobrechtswald, 2015

Info points / activities

Numerous info points in the area point out interesting facts about the Hobrechtswald and help visitors to find their way around the forest. Varied activities such as guided tours or the Long Day of City Nature (Langer Tag der StadtNatur) make the Hobrechtswald a fascinating experience and a great leisure area for all age groups. Info points / activities

Path network in Hobrechtswald, 2015

Paths (path network)

No matter whether you are on foot, on a bicycle, on inline skates or on horseback, the best way to explore the Hobrechtswald is via its well-developed network of paths. Some paths, such as the "Rieselrundweg" and the art paths are stimulating and interesting circular routes. Paths (path network)

The converted waste water pipes, with their sky blue tops, mark out the route of the waste water works history path.

Historic path "Rieselrundweg"

The converted waste water pipes with sky blue tops mark the route of the "Rieselrundweg". It leads past old treatment ponds and other relicts of times gone by. The online „Hobrechtswald audio guide” keeps the eventful history of the former waste water works alive and informs you about new developments and particular aspects of the Hobrechtswald. Historic path "Rieselrundweg"

Sculpture on the path "Druckrohrweg" (Pressure tube path) by an unknown artist, 2010

Art paths

A feature of the "Bucher Forst" (the Buch Forest) and the Hobrechtswald are the many sculptures that have been integrated into the landscape and which can be discovered along a circular pathway. The largest part has been created by the sculptors’ symposium "Steine ohne Grenzen" which has taken place regularly since 2001 to create a unique open air gallery in cooperation with the Berlin Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten. Art paths

Mutual respect allows harmonious coexistence.


The Hobrechtswald is a protected recreational forest under the terms of the Berlin Forest Act. Certain rules apply in the whole area. Many woodland pastures areas are accessible to visitors. But please remember to observe any forest regulations that may be posted there. Rules

Barrier-free access:

With a few exceptions, all paths through the Hobrechtswald are barrier-free, but the use of wheelchairs, prams or buggies on gravel paths may be difficult, depending on their general condition and weather influences. The observation platforms are only accessible via stairs.