Aufgrund der coronabedingten Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen ist der Betrieb und vor allem der Publikumsverkehr bei den Berliner Forsten bis auf weiteres eingeschränkt. Erkundigen Sie sich bitte telefonisch nach den Regelungen in den Berliner Forstämtern und Revierförstereien.



Enlarge photo: Many paths lead to the forest "Hobrechtswald"
Many paths lead to the forest "Hobrechtswald"
Image: Forestry Department

The Hobrechtswald can be easily reached via public transport. Berlin-Buch S-Bahn station (fare zone AB) is just half an hour’s ride on the S2 line from Friedrichstraße station. The Hobrechtswald parking lot “Steine ohne Grenzen” is about an hour’s walk from Berlin-Buch. From the stations Röntgental and Zepernick (fare zone ABC) on the S2 line, you will need about 45 minutes to walk to the Hobrechtswald. Alternatively, you could simply catch a bus from Berlin-Buch or Zepernick stations. You can also get to the Hobrechtswald easily from the stations Schönerlinde and Schönwalde on the regional train service known as the “Heidekrautbahn”.

Taking a bicycle is recommended. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Hobrechtswald by bike from Berlin-Buch station, and cycling is certainly one of the best ways of exploring the Hobrechtswald area.

If you are travelling by car you can park in the designated parking zones close to the Gut Hobrechtsfelde estate and at the “Steine ohne Grenzen” car park, which is also the starting point of the art path (coordinates: 52,6736° N and 13, 4995° E).

All public transport stations and stops as well as car parking areas are marked on the Interactive map.