Aufgrund der coronabedingten Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen ist der Betrieb und vor allem der Publikumsverkehr bei den Berliner Forsten bis auf weiteres eingeschränkt. Erkundigen Sie sich bitte telefonisch nach den Regelungen in den Berliner Forstämtern und Revierförstereien.


Art paths

Enlarge photo: Sculpture on the path "Druckrohrweg" (Pressure tube path) by an unknown artist, 2010
Sculpture on the path "Druckrohrweg" (Pressure tube path) by an unknown artist, 2010
Image: Forestry Department

A special feature of the Buch Forest and the Hobrechtswald are the many sculptures that can be viewed along the art paths.

The aim of the Buch District Forestry Commission is to transform the old timber forest and the newer area of the Hobrechtswald into a special natural and cultural region. An international sculpture symposium “Steine ohne Grenzen” has taken place regularly every summer since 2001, with participation from sculptors from all over the world. The event organizers want to set an example for intercultural understanding, peace and humanity. The idea behind the symposium is the dream of the artist and sculptor Otto Freundlich to create a line of sculptures stretching from Paris to Moscow.

The artworks created in the symposium are positioned at special spots in the woodlands, which has given rise to a number of specially-created art paths around Berlin-Buch and Hobrechtsfelde. Visitors can view over 100 stone and wooden sculptures produced by artists from more than 25 different countries.