Aufgrund der coronabedingten Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen ist der Betrieb und vor allem der Publikumsverkehr bei den Berliner Forsten bis auf weiteres eingeschränkt. Erkundigen Sie sich bitte telefonisch nach den Regelungen in den Berliner Forstämtern und Revierförstereien.


Info points / activities

Enlarge photo: Forestry Department Director Romeo Kappel tells the story of the Hobrechtswald, 2015
Forestry Department Director Romeo Kappel tells the story of the Hobrechtswald, 2015
Image: Forestry Department

Discover the unique recreational forest in the north of Berlin!

The Hobrechtswald can be easily reached from the centre of Berlin and provides a unique and varied experience for all visitors, thanks to its well-maintained and diverse path network.

Enlarge photo: Information boards in front of the observation platform at "Teich 13" (pond 13), 2015
Image: Forestry Department

Info points

Info points are situated at several places along the paths through the Hobrechtswald. They provide information about the history and cultivation of the landscape and current developments in the area. They also present information about the interaction and interdependency of the forest ecosystem with water and soil, as well as with plant and animal life. The info points are also useful for finding your way through the forest.

Enlarge photo: Forestry Department
Image: Forestry Department

Berliner Forsten (Berlin Forestry Commission) Activities

ankow Forestry Commission and Buch District Forestry Agency offer guided tours and environmental education for schools and kindergartens on request.

Applications can be sent to the Pankow Forestry Commission or Buch District Forestry Agency

Enlarge photo: The right place for a snack at Gut Hobrechtsfelde, 2013
Image: Forestry Department


Refreshments are available at the outdoor café at the Gut Hobrechtsfelde estate (see also the website Naturpark Barnim) which is open on weekends from 11 am till 5 pm. Catering is also possible during the week by booking beforehand.

Enlarge photo: Welcome in the "Schulwald", 2014
Image: Forestry Department

Forest education

The Buch Forest School “Waldschule Bucher Forst” offers woodland experiences throughout the year and for all age groups. The school is the starting point for exploration tours and also offers a host of interesting exhibits in and around the cosy wooden cabin: a barefoot path, a forest organ, an animal long-jump pit and a walk-through diorama where foxes, badgers, woodpeckers and other animals can be viewed as specimens.

Enlarge photo: Guided nature tours at the event "Langer Tag der StadtNatur", 2012
Image: Forestry Department

Long Day of City Nature (Langer Tag der StadtNatur)

Berlin’s Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten also takes part in the annual “Langer Tag der StadtNatur” (Long Day of City Nature). Interested parties can join the Birdsong Walk and many other extraordinary guided tours and activities to broaden their knowledge about nature and visit natural habitats normally not accessible to the public.

Detailed Information can be obtained on the website “Langer Tag der StadtNatur”.

Enlarge photo: In the granary of Gut Hobrechtsfelde estate there is a permanent exhibition about the history of the drainage fields.
Image: Forestry Department

Gut Hobrechtsfelde Estate

The former estate Gut Hobrechtsfelde borders directly on the Hobrechtswald and is a good starting point for walkers wanting to explore the area.

An exhibition in the former granary presents information about the history of the waste water works.

The exhibition is usually open daily from 12 noon to 4 pm (check by phone or make appointments for access outside of regular opening times.) There are also plans for further development of the area by a number of different institutions such as the “Naturpark Barnim e.V.”.

The playground on the Gut Hobrechtsfelde estate is a great place for kids to play. A petting zoo for young and old is situated nearby, and pony and donkey rides are available at weekends.

Guided tours, such as the “Herbal Hike” are also on offer to help visitors discover the area. They are led by local experts and provide a very special way of experiencing the diversity of the landscape.

Detailed information for these activities and others are available on the following websites: “Gut Hobrechtsfelde” and “Naturpark Barnim e.V.”.