Inaugural Sustainability Bond of the State of Berlin

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Climate and environmental protection as well as the promotion of social cohesion are elementary tasks of the State of Berlin. In March 2022, the Senate of Berlin adopted a framework concept for the Berlin Sustainable Finance Strategy as a building block for a future-proof financial policy in Berlin.

Sustainable Finance Strategy

As part of its Sustainable Finance Strategy, the State of Berlin intends to accompany the financing of the sustainable transformation of the capital by issuing sustainability bonds. Sustainability bonds are characterised by the fact that their issue proceeds are allocated to green and social expenditures of the state budget. This enables investors to promote the social and ecological development of Berlin with their investments. The issuance of the state’s inaugural sustainability bond is in accordance with internationally recognised market standards of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA). The process for issuing the sustainability bond is documented in the framework. The framework sets out rules for the selection of projects, the use of proceeds and transparent reporting. It was reviewed by an independent sustainability agency in December 2022 (second party opinion).

Framework and Second Party Opinion

  • State of Berlin – Sustainability Bond Framework

    PDF-Document (1015.4 kB)

  • State of Berlin – Second Party Opinion (SPO) ISS ESG

    PDF-Document (773.5 kB)

Sustainability Bond

  • State of Berlin – Investor Presentation Sustainability Bond 2023

    PDF-Document (3.8 MB)

  • State of Berlin - Eligible Project List Sustainability Bond 2023

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  • State of Berlin – Allocation Report Sustainability Bond 2023

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  • State of Berlin - Impact Report Sustainability Bond 2023

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  • State of Berlin - Supplement Impact Reporting 2023 - Master Data and Impact Indicators

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The State of Berlin placed its first sustainability bond extremely successfully on the capital market on 06.02.2023. The ten-year bond has a volume of 750 million euros and a fixed coupon of 2.75 percent per annum. The bond will be tradable on the Berlin Stock Exchange from 14 February 2023. The smallest denomination is EUR 1,000. Interest payment dates are 14 February of each year, for the first time on 14 February 2024.

Demand for the sustainability bond was outstandingly high. At its peak, it amounted to more than 5.25 billion euros, which means the bond was oversubscribed seven times. Two thirds of the bond volume went to investors who are considered active in the ESG sector.

The State of Berlin will report both on the final allocation of the issue proceeds to environmental and social projects (allocation report) and on the impact of the projects (impact reporting). Both reports will be published on this website no later than one year after the issue of the sustainability bond.