Funding of the State of Berlin

The following pages display an overview of the funding volume and funding instruments of the State of Berlin.

Berlin uses long-term funding instruments in the capital markets and short-term funding instruments in the money-market as well.

Derivatives are used in addition to these instruments to optimise funding costs.

Funding volume in 2023

  • Planned net new borrowing

    € 102.5 m

  • planned redemption

    € 5,390.0 m

  • Gross borrowing

    € 5,492.5 m

  • Total debt (dec. 31st 2022)

    € 65,903.5 m

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Investor presentation

  • State of Berlin Investor Presentation 2023

    PDF-Document (2.6 MB)

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Funding in the Capital Markets

The State of Berlin is rated by three rating agencies. Their latest ratings are AAA by FitchRatings, AAA by Scope Ratings and Aa1 by Moody’s, all three with stable out-look More information

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Swaps, caps and floors, swaptions and forward rate agreements are used as hedging instruments. Berlin does not take currency risks. More information