Recreational forest

Broad view over a part of the Hobrechtswald, 2013

Sustainability and long-term planning are characteristic of forestry thinking. This principle also applies to the Hobrechtswald and the Berlin Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten, who are responsible for a healthy and stable forest that future generations can benefit from. Berliner Forsten care for and protect the forest and help to maintain its unusual structure and variety. They create the conditions necessary for the recreational use of the forest and maintain a healthy and young population of trees.

Forest development

The Berlin Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten pursues the sustainable and natural development of the forest and landscape with the aim of maintaining a sparse and mixed woodland area consisting predominantely of oak trees. In addition to typical forestry tasks, this also includes measures for maintaining structural diversity through the tending of open and partially open areas, and the management of the water and grazing areas.

Ecological importance

The sustainable care and cultivation of the forests by the Berlin Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten offers a rare and varied habitat for flora and fauna. Many endangered species have established themselves in the Hobrechtswald.

Recreational value

Another important task of the Berlin Forestry Commission Berliner Forsten is the creation of a recreational forest for the population of Berlin. The forest offers quality of life, fresh air and a balanced climate as well as the regeneration of clean groundwater for current and future generations.