Commemorative sites

Located along the former course of the Wall, the Berlin Wall Memorial provides information on the political backdrop of the division of Berlin, on escape attempts, and on individual fates. Other documentation centers focusing on postwar history, German division, and the history of the GDR can be found at various places in the city.

Wachturm Kieler Straße

Memorial for Günter Litfin

On 24 August 1961, Günter Litfin was shot and killed by members of the transport police as he attempted to flee to West Berlin. He became the first victim of shots fired at the border between East and West Berlin after the Wall went up on 13 August 1961. This memorial was established in memory of Günter Litfin and of all the other victims of the SED regime who were killed or injured on the GDR border. Memorial for Günter Litfin