Grenzübergang Invalidenstraße

Former checkpoints

On 13 August 1961, the GDR leadership closed the border to West Berlin. On August 22, the GDR Ministry of the Interior established crossing points – seven on streets and one at a train station – to be used by West Berliners, citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, and foreign nationals. Former checkpoints

Besucherzentrum Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Commemorative sites

Located along the former course of the Wall, the Berlin Wall Memorial provides information on the political backdrop of the division of Berlin, on escape attempts, and on individual fates. Commemorative sites


Museums and exhibitions

Located along the former course of the Wall, the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Wall museum Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie provide information on the historical backdrop and on individual fates. Museums and exhibitions

Wachturm Kieler Straße

Traces of the wall

Berlin's conservation authorities have been working since 1990 to preserve parts of the former border strip. Traces of the wall

Weiße Kreuze am Spreeufer


Crosses and other commemorative markers were put up as early as 1961 in places where people were shot or died trying to escape over the Wall. Memorials

Potsdamer Platz

Other key sites

Other places in Berlin, such as Brandenburg Gate or Potsdamer Platz, show less evidence of the city’s division than one might expect. Other key sites