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Original Berlin Waks Berlin entdecken (3)

Guided Tour: Discover Berlin

This guided tour offers an exciting and comprehensive overview of the city's highlights and refreshes your knowledge of Berlin history in an entertaining way.  more

Stadtführung Berlin Walks Street Art (3)

Berlin Street Art Tour

From large mural to small sticker: This walking tour through Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain shows Berlin's colourful street art culture.  more

Rent a Berliner

Book your personal guide for your Berlin discovery tour! Local guides will show you hidden gems and insider tips that even many Berliners don't know. more

Tour of the Reichstag and the Government District

A must-see for every visitor to Berlin! Take a tour of the government district followed by a visit to the glass dome of the famous Reichstag building. more

Berlin Charité: 300 Years in Sickness and Health

The history of Charité, Berlin’s oldest hospital, spans both the promise and betrayal of medical science. On this walking tour, we will dissect 300 years of success, failure and everything in between. more

Berlin Wall Tour

The Wall Tour is one of the most popular guided tours in Berlin and takes you along the former border strip in Berlin City. It starts at Bernauer Straße, an authentic site where today there is an open-air memorial. more

Berlin During the Third Reich

This guided tour takes you to the former government quarter of the National Socialists in and around Wilhelmstraße. more

Broken Utopias: The Many Lives of Stalinallee

Stalinallee was the prestige boulevard of East Berlin. On the walk, participants learn how socialist ideology shaped life. more

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Fahrradfrühling in Berlin

Bicycle Tours

Explore Berlin by bicycle: Guided bicycle tours are the perfect way to see the sights and neighborhoods of the city.  more

Hop-on Hop-off Stadtrundfahrten: Touren

Sightseeing Tours by Bus

A bus tour is the perfect way to see all of Berlin's most important sights and attractions. Discover Berlin on a guided bus tour or get on one of the city's many hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses.  more