Public Transportation in Berlin

Public Transportation in Berlin

Eine S-Bahn in Berlin

Please note: Masks required in public transport

Currently, people in Berlin have to wear a FFP2 mask on buses, suburban trains and underground trains. On April 21, 2020, the Senate decided to make masks mandatory in order to limit the transmission of the corona virus. In addition, the Senate decided on 23 June 2020 to impose a fine of at least 50 euros for passengers who violate the obligation to wear masks in buses and trains.
Eine S-Bahn fährt in den Bahnhof ein
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Underground (U-Bahn)

Tickets, fares, lines, routes, timetables and more information about the U-Bahn (subway, underground) in Berlin. more

Teilzeit-Auto kommt in Mode
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Getting Around

Electric scooters, bicycle or car sharing: Berlin has a number of transport options that will let you navigate the city with ease. more