Taxi: Phone Numbers, Fares, Rules

Taxi: Phone Numbers, Fares, Rules

Taxi phone numbers, fares and passenger rights in Berlin.

Taxi in Berlin

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Around 7500 taxis are on the road in Berlin. Taxis can be ordered by hailing, at taxi stands or by phone. Within the city area price fixing is forbidden, the ride is paid via taximeter.

Phone Numbers of the largest Taxi Companies:

44 33 22 Taxi Funk Berlin
26 10 26 Funk Taxi Berlin
26 30 00 Quality Taxi
21 01 01 Würfelfunk
21 02 02 City Funk

Taxi Fares & Surcharges

Berlin has compulsory tariffs for all taxis which apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Taximeter Fares
Within the city area passengers must pay the fare according to the taximeter. Individual price agreements with the driver are only permitted for journeys beyond the city limits.

Regular Rate:

Basic price: 3.90 Euros
Price per kilometre: 2.00 Euros
Price per kilometre from the seventh kilometre: 1.50 Euros
Waiting period: 30 Euros for one hour (also applies for traffic related waiting periods)

Short Distance Rate:

The short distance rate only counts if the taxi is hailed on the street. Then a ride up to two kilometres costs 5 Euros. The short distance rate does not apply for taxis ordered by phone or taxis at the taxi stand.


5.00 Euros per person for a group of five people or more in a large-capacity taxi
1.00 Euro per piece for bulky luggage
0.50 Euros extra for a ride from Tegel Airport

Taxi Fares to Airport Berlin Brandenburg

From City West (Station Zoo): about 45 Euros
From City East (Alexanderplatz): about 43 Euros

Paying the taxi driver

Passengers can pay taxi fares either in cash or by debit and credit card. Please note that taxi drivers are not obliged to accept all types of cards so it's best to carry some cash. When making a cashless payment, passengers may be asked to provide some form of identification.

Rights & Duties in a Taxi


The taxi driver is obligated to take the shortest and therefore cheapest route unless it was agreed to take a different route.

Free Taxi Choice:

Passengers are free to choose a taxi at a taxi stand. The first taxi in a line should be selected since it has waited the longest.

Free Choice of Seating:

Passengers are free to choose between front passenger's seat or bench seat in the rear.

Smoking Ban:

Smoking is forbidden in taxis for drivers and passengers.

Obligation to carry:

The taxi driver is obligated to carry a passenger to any desired location as long as it is within the city limits (including Schönefeld Airport).


Passengers are entitled to receive a receipt.


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