Getting Around

Getting Around

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Electric scooters, bicycle or car sharing: Berlin has a number of transport options that will let you navigate the city with ease. The demand for shared alternatives to privately owned vehicles is growing steadily in Berlin. This overview presents the most important providers of car sharing, scooter sharing, ride sharing and bike sharing in the capital, including information on the respective price models, operating area and registration process.
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Car Sharing

Alternative to owning a car: The most important providers of car sharing in Berlin with information on registration, vehicle fleet, price model and operating area. more

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Electric Scooter Sharing

Get around in a fun and convenient way: Electric scooters make it easy to cover shorter distances in Berlin. more

Vorschau Rad-Sternfahrt
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Bike Sharing

Flexible and environmentally friendly: An overview of the most important operators of bike sharing in Berlin with information on registration and prices. more

E-Roller-Fahrerin in Berlin
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Scooter Sharing

In Berlin, shared scooters are a fast and inexpensive way to get from A to B. Our list offers an overview of providers including information on pricing, registration and rental process. more

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Schnee in Berlin
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Bicycle Tours

Explore Berlin by bicycle: Guided bicycle tours are the perfect way to see the sights and neighborhoods of the city. more