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LTE in Berliner U-Bahn
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Plans for faster internet on the subway

In Berlin's subway tunnels, there will be fast internet for all passengers in the near future. The technical system will be gradually expanded over the next two years. more

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Berlin buys 670 flats on Karl-Marx-Allee

After months of negotiations, the state of Berlin buys up flats on Karl-Marx-Allee. The buildings in question and their tenants have been making headlines for some time now. more

Clärchens Ballhaus
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Clärchens Ballroom to be renovated

The well-known Berlin dance club "Clärchens Ballhaus" is to be given a new coat of paint. Because of the planned renovation, the lease will not be continued at the end of the year. more

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Ringbahn interrupted for four weeks

Starting this Friday, the Berlin Ringbahn will be interrupted for four weeks between Ostkreuz and Frankfurter Allee. A rail replacement service is in operation. more

Sommer 2019
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The heat takes a break

Temperatures of 37 degrees and more on Sunday ensured well-filled outdoor swimming pools in Berlin and Brandenburg. From Monday it will be cooler. more

Humboldt Forum
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Humboldt Forum to open in September 2020

The opening is delayed by ten months. The Humboldt Forum in Berlin will then be able to open its doors in three stages from September 2020. Before that, however, there will be a decisive hurdle for the new palace. more