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Wetter in Berlin
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Mixed weekend weather in Berlin

This weekend, the weather in Berlin and Brandenburg will be rather mixed, with many clouds, rain showers and slowly decreasing temperatures. more

Senats-PK zu Corona-Maßnahmen
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«2G» or «3G»: Berlin businesses get to decide

Those who have not yet been vaccinated against Corona in Berlin could have a hard time getting into a restaurant or event in the future. This is because providers will be allowed to switch to the 2G plan in future, where guests would no longer have to wear a mask. more

Corona-Test an Schulen
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Corona incidence in Berlin at 83.8

The incidence of corona in Berlin continues to stagnate at a level above 80. The Robert Koch Institute gave the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days as 83.8 on Saturday. more

Booka Local
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Don’t speak German yet? Book a local helper!

Do you need help with making phone calls in German or attending appointments where English is not spoken? You can book a local helper now who can assist you in communicating in German! more

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GDL ends third strike

After the end of the third round of strikes by the train drivers' union GDL, Deutsche Bahn has expressed satisfaction with the start of normal operations. more

In der Küche
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Berlin passes «Clean Kitchen Act»

In Berlin, it should become much easier to find out about compliance with hygiene regulations in restaurants, cafés, bakeries, snack bars or canteens, for example. more

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Corona numbers in Berlin slightly up

The coronavirus is spreading somewhat faster in Berlin than the national average. In the past seven days, 83.8 out of 100,000 people became infected, according to the Robert Koch Institute. more

Tupfer für einen Abstrich für einen Corona-Test
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Corona incidence still above 80

The incidence of corona in Berlin is on the rise. The value was 83.2 on Thursday, according to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institute. more