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Blue Man Group
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50% Off: Ticket-Deal for Blue Man Group in Berlin! users can now save money on ticket purchases for Berlin's most successful show! When you buy a ticket for the Blue Man Group, you get a last minute discount of up to 50%! Only until 31st of august. more

Brandenburger Tor
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Fewer Brits visit Berlin

In the first half of this year, 278,500 people from Britain visited the German capital. That was 7.4 percent less than in the same period last year. more

Zoo Berlin feiert 175. Jubiläum mit großer Torte
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Berlin Zoo celebrates 175th birthday

The Berlin Zoo started its anniversary weekend with the cutting of a huge birthday cake with animal motifs: 175 years ago, Germany's oldest zoo opened its doors for the first time. more

Parade zum Christopher Street Day
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Hundreds of thousands expected at CSD

Bottles, packaging, confetti: On Christopher Street Day this Saturday, several hundred thousand people will join the LGBT celebration and demonstration. The BSR stands ready. more

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Up to 37 degrees on Thursday

It's hot in Berlin and Brandenburg: The German Meteorological Service expects temperatures between 31 and 37 degrees and sunshine almost all day. more