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Politics & Administration

Berlin Town Hall: The "Rotes Rathaus"

Berlin Town Hall: The "Rotes Rathaus"

Kai Wegner

Governing Mayor of Berlin

Kai Wegner is the city’s mayor and the federal state’s premier. The Senate Chancellery is his administrative team.  more

Rotes Rathaus

Constitution of Berlin

The constitution of Berlin provides general rules on people's rights, the government, legislation, and the administration.  more


Berlin’s International Relations

Berlin maintains partnerships with 17 cities and cooperates on projects with many other cities around the world, such as Copenhagen, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Seoul, Sofia, Sydney, and Vienna.  more

Deutsche Oper

Cultural Affairs

Berlin’s cultural affairs department is responsible for museums, libraries, archives, memorials, theaters, orchestras, and choirs, as well as for funding for artists living in Berlin.  more

Berlin Panorama (1)

Berlin in Brief

Germany’s capital is the biggest city in the country: regarding inhabitants and municipal area.  more



Berlin has ambitious goals for environmental protection. Thanks to the Senate's goal-oriented energy and climate protection policies, Berlin should be climate-neutral by 2050.  more


The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall has long since disappeared from reunified Berlin. Memories of the Wall, however, are still very much alive. These pages are intended as a guide to exploring the former course of the Wall.  more


History of Berlin

From the city's founding to the divided city up until today – trace the eventful history of the city of Berlin.  more