115: Citizens‘ Telephone Helpline

Questions for the authorities? The citizens’ helpline 115 is here for you.

The idea of a uniform helpline for the public authorities is impressively simple: the phone number 115 offers citizens and companies direct, easy-to-remember telephone access to all local, state and federal government administrations. Whether you have a question about jurisdiction, fees or required documents – by calling 115 you can get answers to these questions and avoid many an unnecessary trip to the respective office.

The helpline 115 can tell you …

  • Which authority is responsible for your request
  • The location and opening hours of the respective authority
  • Which documents are required for the processing of your request
  • Whether you have to pay a fee and the amount of the fee

The service agents at the 115 service center will provide you with information in a friendly, competent and comprehensive manner.
You can also book an appointment with the Bürgeramt (citizens’ office) by phone via 115. However, only the appointments displayed online are available to the 115 service center – the service agents do not have any additional contingents beyond that.

Promising consistent service

115 is your contact to the administration – no matter where you are and what question you have.

You can reach our friendly, competent staff quickly and reliably, Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Your matter will be dealt with at the first contact. If this is not possible, we will forward it for processing.

Simply dial 115 without area code from any Berlin landline or from your cell phone within the Berlin metropolitan area. The Berlin 115 service center can also be called from outside Berlin (but inside Germany) by dialing 030 115 and even from abroad by dialing +49 30 115 (from landlines and many mobile networks). Calling the 115 helpline is free of charge for you. Only the telephone charges of your telephone provider apply.

The citizens’ helpline 115 for the Berlin city area is operated by the state-owned IT service center ITDZ Berlin by order of the Senate Chancellery.