Point of Single Contact Berlin

  • All formalities around your business in Berlin

    All administrative services related to your business or self-employment in Berlin are available from us at a glance.

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  • Starting up

    Do you want to start up a business? With us you can do it online: Register your company or trade or apply for a permit (e.g. to work as a real estate agent).

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  • Managing

    Do you already have a company, but something is changing or you need a special permit? You can register your business online or apply for exemption permits (e.g. for shop opening on Sundays and public holidays).

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  • Shutting down

    Are you giving up your business or leaving Berlin? Simply deregister your business online.

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  • Working across borders

    You can register online if you are already working in another EU country but want to work in Berlin temporarily or occasionally.

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  • Getting profession recognised

    Have you completed your vocational training abroad and would now like to work in Berlin? Then have your qualifications recognised online!

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Online application

Using the online portal of the Single Point of Contact Berlin you can easily take care of many matters relating to your profession or your company online without going to go to the local authorities. Online application

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Requests A-Z

Information on formalities concerning notification or application procedures for taking up or exercising a service activity or the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Berlin. Requests A-Z

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Login area to the Single Point of Contact's online portal. You will need an account to process your request online in order to receive feedback or track the progress of your procedure. Login

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions about the Point of Single Contact, questions about starting up, managing, shutting down, professional recognition, online processing and technical issues. Frequently asked questions

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About us & service

The Single Point of Contact in Berlin helps entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs to deal with their administrative issues. Here you will find further information, publications to download and explanatory videos. About us & service


As of now you can manage administration queries and approval processes associated with your profession or your company (e.g. register a business) easily, securely and efficiently via the point of single contact: The Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner (EA) Berlin.


You need no longer call upon various different administrative offices in order to take care of any formalities related to your profession or company. Using our online portal you can fill out and send off applications at any time and irrespective of location – no need for any waiting tickets.


Our expert consultants will support and assist you in processing your administrative affairs. They will make sure that your documents are complete; they know how to get things done quickly and assist in the coordination between all the official bodies involved.

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Postal address:
Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises
Martin-Luther-Straße 105
10825 Berlin

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