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Our electronic procedure for business registration (company registering, trade applications and permits) and the recognition of professional qualification is also available in English language. It is now possible for you to fill in forms online in English by using our online portal.

Before you can fill out the English form, you must log in to the Service Account in Berlin (Service-Konto Berlin).

The registration in the Service Account is only available in German. Below you will find information on how to complete the form in German.


This IS my application for the first time

You are new or would like to apply for an application or permission for the first time via the online portal – and you don’t have a login for the Service Account yet?

Please click here to register for the Service Account Berlin:

  • English help for registration form

    PDF-Document (647.7 kB)

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This is NOT my application for the first time

Click here if you already have successfully registered with the “Service Account Berlin” and want to log into your existing account to see the progress of the procedure or submit a new request.