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Train Stations & Airports in Berlin

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Bahnhof Berlin Ostkreuz

Station Berlin Ostkreuz

Information about Berlin Ostkreuz station including public transport and airport connections and luggage storage facilities.  more

Station Berlin Gesundbrunnen

Station Berlin Gesundbrunnen

Information about Berlin Gesundbrunnen Station including customer service points, public transport connections and connections to BER Airport.  more

Bahnhof Südkreuz

Station Berlin Südkreuz

Information about Berlin Südkreuz station including service points, airport connections and luggage storage facilities.  more

Neue FlixTrain Verbindung Berlin und Köln

Station Berlin Spandau

Information about Station Berlin Spandau including connections to public transport and to the airport.  more

Central Bus Stations in Berlin:

Airports in Berlin

Flugzeug auf dem Flughafen Schönefeld

Airport BER

Information on the Berlin and Brandenburg airport Berlin Brandenburg BER Willy Brandt. With city map, transport connections and links.  more