Tickets, Fares and Route Maps

Tickets, Fares and Route Maps

Tickets, tariff zones and route maps of public transport in Berlin.

Ein Person kauft eine Fahrkarte in einem Automat. Foto: Britta Pedersen/Archiv
With a valid ticket, ticket holders have access to all public transport in Berlin: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, buses, trams and ferries. The fare depends on the tariff zone and the ticket's period of validity.

Please note: 3G rule and Masks required in public transport

From 24 November 2021, the 3G rule will apply in local transport: passengers must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Proof can be printed out or shown in digital form. In addition, people have to wear an FFP2 mask on buses, S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains in Berlin. Failure to comply with the mask requirement or 3G rule will result in a fine.

Tariff Zones & Network Maps:

Berlin is divided into three tariff zones: AB, BC und ABC. Tariff zone AB includes the urban area to the city boundary. Zone ABC additionally includes Berlin's surrounding area and Potsdam Hauptbahnhof.


One Way Ticket:

A single fare ticket (Einzelfahrschein) is valid for one person and a two hour journey through the city. Note: It is not allowed to travel towards the direction of the starting point. For that purpose a new single-ticket must be purchased.
Tariff AB: 3.00 Euros, reduced: 1.90 Euros
Tarriff BC: 3.50 Euros, reduced 2.40 Euros
Tariff ABC: 3.80 Euros, reduced: 2.70 Euros

Short Distance Ticket:

A short distance ticket (Kurzstrecke) costs 2.00 Euros, reduced 1.50 Euros and is valid for three stops with S- and U-Bahn. Changing trains is allowed. The ticket is also valid for six stops on buses and trams, but only if not changing vehicles.

Tariff for Children:

Small children up to the age of five travel without charge when accompanied. Children from 6 to 14 years can use the reduced tariff, which costs 1.90 Euros for zone AB.

Weekly, Monthly, Annual & Group Tickets

24-hour ticket for one Person

A 24-hour ticket allows travelling 24 hours for as many trips as desired. Transportation fares for up to three children aged six to fourteen are included in the ticket price. The ticket costs 8.80 Euros in tariff zone AB, reduced 5.60 Euros, and 10.00 Euros in tariff zone ABC, reduced 6.10 Euros.

Seven-Day-Ticket for one Person

The seven-day-ticket is valid for seven consecutive days from the day of its validation. The ticket costs 36 Euros in tariff zone AB and 43.00 Euros in tariff zone ABC. Its validity ends on the seventh day at midnight.

Group 24-hour ticket for up to five Persons

The small-group day ticket allows up to 5 people to use all public transportation services for 24 hours. The small-group day ticket costs 25.50 Euros in tariff zone AB and 26.50 Euros in tariff zone ABC.

Buying & Validating Tickets

Buying Tickets:

Tickets can be purchased at multilingual ticket machines on the platforms of S-and U-Bahn stations. In buses, fares are paid to the bus driver, in trams at machines inside the trains. In larger stations the S-Bahn and BVG provide ticket counters. Tickets can also be purchased via the free app of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. The BVG credit card has been available since October 2021. With credit that can be loaded onto the card, passengers can pay on buses and at the customer centres.

Validation of Tickets:

Before the journey starts tickets must be validated by stamping them at the yellow or red boxes on the platforms, in buses or trams. In case of inspection, a ticket that is not stamped is invalid.

Fare Evasion in Berlin

Anyone caught in public transportion without a valid ticket must pay a higher fare of 60 Euros. Even people who forgot to stamp their ticket must pay the fine. Note: Ticket inspectors are dressed in plain clothes and will not make any exceptions for tourists. Those who get caught have to show an ID, otherwise the police will be called.

Bicycles & Dogs

Travelling with Bicycles:

In marked cars of the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and tram, bicycles can be carried when sufficient space is available. In some circumstances wheelchair users and prams are treated with priority. Passengers are not entitled to take bicycles on board the means of transportation. Travelling with a bike costs 2 Euros in addition to the basic fare in tariff zone AB. Transporting a bicycle throug tariff zone ABC costs 2.60 Euros.

Travelling with Dogs:

Dogs and other pets are generally allowed on public transport in Berlin. To ensure that the transport of dogs in the U-Bahn, bus and tram runs smoothly, a few rules should be observed: With the dog in the train: Costs and conditions for the transport.


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