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Bicycles on Public Transport: Costs and Conditions

Cyclists can take their bicycles on Berlin's public transport. Read more about the conditions and costs.


Berlin is a cycling city, but even passionate cyclists take their bikes with them on public transport for some routes. This article offers information about the rules for taking bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters on trams, trais and subways in Berlin.

Which means of public transport allow the transport of bicycles?

In Berlin's public transport system, bicycles can be taken aboard regional trains, the S-Bahn, as well as on subways and trams in the carriages marked for this purpose. The prerequisite is that there is sufficient space available. If the space occupied by a bicycle is needed by a stroller or a wheelchair, the passenger with the bicycle must leave the means of transport. Bicycles are not allowed on buses or replacement buses.

Which bicycles and scooters can be taken on the train?

The following types of bikes are allowed on public transport:

  • bicycles with two wheels and one seat (with or without electric assist motor)
  • two-wheeled scooters similar to bicycles
  • electric pedal scooters with a rated continuous output of less than 500 watts
The following types are not allowed on public transport:

  • Bicycles with more than two wheels
  • Cargo bikes
  • Bicycle trailers
  • motorized vehicles

Is a ticket required for bicycle transport?

A bicycle ticket is required in order to take your bike with you on public transport. Bicycle tickets for the subway cost:

  • €1.40 for a short distance ticket
  • €2.10 for a single ticket in the AB zone (€5 for a day ticket)
  • €2,40 for a single ticket in the BC zone (€5.40 for a day ticket)
  • €2,70 for a single ticket in the ABC zone (€5.60 for a day ticket)
In addition to single tickets and day tickets, monthly passes can also be purchased.

Holders of a student ticket with student ID 1 or a monthly pass for trainees/apprentices can take one bicycle free of charge.

Bicycles for small children with a maximum rim diameter of up to 12.5 inches as well as fully folded bicycles and scooters are considered hand luggage and can be taken free of charge. The ticket for bicycles is valid for two hours at a time. Transfers are possible, but return and round trips are excluded.

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