Dogs on public transport: costs and conditions

Dogs on public transport: costs and conditions

What dog owners must consider when taking dogs on trains, buses and trams.

Maulkorb-Pflicht für alle Hunde in Bus und Bahn

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Dogs and other pets are generally allowed on public transport in Berlin. To ensure that the transport of dogs in the U-Bahn, bus and tram runs smoothly, a few rules should be observed.

Does a dog need its own ticket on the train?

Small dogs, which do not exceed the size of a domestic cat, may travel free of charge on buses and trains. The condition is that they are placed in a closed container such as a transport box or bag. Larger dogs need a ticket with a reduced fare. When using a day ticket or small group day ticket, a dog can be taken along free of charge.

What are the rules for taking dogs with you at BVG?

Dogs must be placed in a transport box or in a suitable bag during the journey. If this is not possible or desired, dogs on buses, trams and trains need a leash and a suitable muzzle. Furthermore, animals may not be placed in a seat during the journey by public transport. Furthermore, BVG only transports animals that are not dangerous for passengers travelling with them.

Last edited: 13. August 2020