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Dogs on Public Transport: Costs and Conditions

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Information on the rules for dog owners who want to take their dogs on trains, buses and trams.

Dogs and other pets are generally allowed on public transport in Berlin. To ensure that the transport of dogs on the subway. trains, buses and trams runs smoothly, a few rules should be observed.

What are the rules for taking dog on public transport?

As a rule, the BVG only transports animals that are not deemed dangerous for other passengers. Dogs must be placed inside a transport box or suitable bag during the entire journey. If this is not possible or desired, dogs on public transport need to be on a leash and to wear a suitable muzzle. Animals may not be placed in a seat during the journey.

Does my dog need its own ticket?

Small dogs - no larger than the size of a domestic cat - may travel free of charge on public transport in Berlin. However, they must travel inside a closed container such as a transport box or bag. Larger dogs need a reduced-fare ticket. When using a day ticket or small group day ticket, a dog can be taken along free of charge.

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Last edited: 15 February 2024