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Ferry Lines in Berlin

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Fähre zur Pfaueninsel in Berlin

Ferry to Peacock Island

The ferry to Pfaueninsel in southwest Berlin takes visitors from the banks of the Havel River to the fairytale "Peacock Island".  more

Frühlingswetter - auf dem Wannsee

Ferry F10: Wannsee — Alt-Kladow

The ferry line F10 between Wannsee and Alt-Kladow is an important transport connection and popular with excursionists on weekends as a short steamboat trip.  more

Ferry F24

Photos: Rowboat Ferry «Paule III»

During the summer months, passengers can take a trip across the Müggelspree and back on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays on Berlin's only rowing ferry.  more


Ferry to Lindwerder Island

From the eastern bank of the Havel River in Grunewald Forest, a passenger ferry departs to the idyllic Havel island of Lindwerder.  more

Ferry Scharfenberg

The Scharfenberg ferry connects the island of the same name with the northwestern shore of Lake Tegel.  more

Ferry Tegelort — Saatwinkel

The passenger ferry operates on the Havel River and Lake Tegel, connecting the islands of Valentinswerder and Maienwerder with the mainland.  more