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Ferry F23: Rahnsdorf — Kruggasse

Fähre F23 Rahnsdorf- Kruggasse in Berlin

During the summer season, the ferry F23 runs at the eastern end of lake Müggelsee and opens up an idyllic water landscape.

The ferry line F23 runs from Müggelwerderweg to Kruggasse, stopping at Müggelhort and Neu-Helgoland on the way. The entire trip takes 25 minutes. Once on the water, passengers can discover the extraordinary charm of the Greater Müggelsee - a tour on the ferry is worth it for this reason alone.

Tip: If you want to cycle around lake Müggelsee, you can take the ferry from Müggelwerderweg to Müggelhort. The ride to the first stop of the ferry line takes about ten minutes.

Ferry Schedule

The F23 operates only during the summer season, which starts every year on the first Saturday in April or Good Friday (whichever is earlier) and ends on the last Sunday in October or with the end of the autumn vacations in Berlin (whichever is later).

On the Map: F23 Ferry Pier on Müggelwerderweg

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