German courses for mothers and parents

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Participation is open to all mothers/parents regardless of age, nationality or residence status who would like to learn German while their children are at daycare or school.

  • Who can participate?
    • The German courses for mothers/parents are primarily aimed at participants who need to learn at a slow pace and have little or no income of their own.
    • Parents who are obliged to attend an integration course cannot participate.
  • What levels are there?

    We offer courses at levels from literacy to C1.

  • How long do the courses last and what do they cost?

    A course lasts approx. 9-12 weeks.
    A course costs 25€.

  • When and where do the courses take place?
    • The courses take place during the school year, there are no lessons during the school holidays.
    • The German courses for mothers/parents take place three times a week, mostly in the mornings from 9.00-12.15 with 4 lessons on each course day.
      There are some afternoon courses 14.00-17.15.
    • The courses take place at various learning locations in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district.

    Information on dates and course locations can be obtained from the counselling service.

  • What is special?
    • In addition to language instruction, the courses also cover topics from the Berlin parenting course curriculum.
    • A special focus is on topics concerning school and especially the German school system. In order for parents to be able to support their children in the best possible way on their educational path, they receive information, for example, on the transition from daycare to school, on the Berlin education system, but also on extracurricular activities and everyday topics such as health, nutrition, leisure time, dealing with media consumption.
    • Due to parents’ family commitments, the German courses for mothers/parents have a slower learning pace and take place close to home.
    • There are different types of courses to choose from: Women’s courses, parenting courses, online courses, blended learning courses, courses which include learning on the computer, courses with daycare.
  • Is there an exam and do I have to pay for the course material?
    • There is the possibility to take the exams German A1 and A2, as well as the DTZ and telc B2.
      Participation in these exams is free of charge for course participants.
    • The course material is also free of charge for participants.
  • How can I register?

    All parenting courses require prior consultation, except for the summer programme.

  • Why is counselling important?

    For learning success, it is important that participants attend a course that matches their previous knowledge and desired learning speed. This is assessed in a personal interview and in a written placement test. In addition, questions about possible examinations, learning objectives, teaching and learning methods and course formats are discussed.

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