Courses for migrants

Courses for migrants have had a permanent place at the Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg for many years.

In addition to the publicly funded language courses, there is a diverse range of open German courses in which individual skills are trained or special topics are dealt with.

LOGO BAMF Berufssprachkurse

German on the job

Specialist language courses in the field of nursing | training in professional writing German on the job

Piktogramm Refugees Welcome

German courses for refugees

Courses from literacy to language level B1: for refugees | asylum seekers | persons with a residence permit for humanitarian reasons without access to integration courses or other language courses. German courses for refugees

Bleistift und Radiergummi auf Notizblock

Literacy courses

Courses for people with a mother tongue other than German who cannot read and write Latin letters or can only read and write very few Latin letters. Literacy courses