Literacy courses

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Program Area Management

Birgitt Cleuvers

Tel.: (030) 902 77-69 90

People who cannot read or write at all or not well need special courses. Their oral skills may vary.

  • Who can participate?

    People who cannot read and write at all or not well in Latin letters.

    • There are courses in German for mothers/parents and refugees.
    • There are no literacy courses for people who have to take an integration course at our VHS. There are, however, second language courses. These are for people who can read and write fluently in their mother tongue but do not know the Latin alphabet.
    • For people who have learned German as their mother tongue or who speak German very fluently, there are literacy courses in the basic education programme area.
  • What levels are there?

    There are courses from Alpha 1 to Alpha 3 and the preliminary course.

  • How long do the courses last?

    The duration of the courses depends on the learning progress of the participants.

  • What do the courses cost?

    The courses for participants in the courses for mothers/parents and for refugees are free of charge.

  • When and where do the courses take place?

    The courses take place in the mornings or afternoons at various learning locations in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district.

    You can find out details at the counselling centre.

  • What is special?

    In the literacy courses at the Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg, we distinguish between three levels:

    • Alpha 1 (learning the alphabet, the number system and writing simple short words).
    • Alpha 2 (writing longer words and word groups)
    • Alpha 3 (writing short sentences and reading first texts)
    • Pre-course (preparation for structured German learning with a textbook)
  • Is there an exam and do I have to pay for the textbook?

    There is no exam: If participants can read and write sufficiently, they can change to the German course A1 and take an exam there at the end.

    The course book is free of charge.

  • How can I register?

    The courses require prior counselling and, if necessary, a placement test.
    Please call our telephone counselling service and make an appointment for a personal conversation about the German courses and your registration.

  • Why is counselling important?

    Especially at this level, correct placement is particularly important for learning success. Together we will find the right course for you.