Music funding programmes

Image: Daniele Ansidei

Stipends and various funding programmes for the realization of proposals and projects are provided primarily to applicants working in the field of New Music (contemporary music, classical modern music and sound art) as well as choirs that are based in Berlin.
Stipends as well as project, studio and tour funding are provided to jazz musicians of all styles. Jazz and pop musicians are also invited to apply to our allocation programme for studio and rehearsal spaces.
Additional funding is available for music projects through the various interdisciplinary funding programmes (Inter-cultural projects, International cultural exchange, Funding for women artists).

Established by the Berlin Senate in 2013, the Musicboard is tasked with supporting professional pop musicians based in Berlin in their career development and marketing initiatives at the national and international level. In order to provide musicians and project managers operating in Berlin with a central point of contact and a uniform funding framework, funding previously allocated to projects within the pop music domain by the Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs is to be administered on a trial basis by the Musicboard in 2015. Bands based in Berlin can also draw on the resources of Bandbüro Berlin for further advice and support. The brochure DSCHUNGEL-INFO – Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung (available in German) provides an overview of Berlin’s music scene and infrastructure for young bands.
Grants are provided to the Landesmusikrat Berlin, the Fête de la Musique Berlin, the regional association of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland and to concert series staged by Spectrum Concerts Berlin and the Berliner Symphoniker.

Funding results