Rehearsal spaces for jazz and pop musicians

Target group / Purpose of funding

In cooperation with the GSE Gesellschaft für Stadt Entwicklung gGmbH, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe administers rehearsal spaces for pop and jazz bands and musicians based in Berlin that aspire to perform at a professional level. Rehearsal spaces, which were developed using public funds, are allocated to musicians/bands on the basis of the artistic quality of their work.
Joint applications of two or more groups for one rehersal room are allowed.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Funding is awarded through this programme to musicians who have won recognition for the quality of their work and are able to verify this with their portfolio.
  • Groups applying for a rehearsal room must have existed for at least one year and provide evidence of previous public performances.
  • The musician’s/band’s repertoire must be predominantly comprised of their own compositions and/or new arrangements of existing material.
  • Amateur musicians may apply to this programme.
  • Musicians applying to this programme must live and work in Berlin. In the case of bands, the majority of members must live and work in Berlin.
  • Musicians/bands that have released a gold status recording (100,000 albums / 150,000 singles sold) may not apply to this programme.


A range of rehearsal rooms and spaces in Kreuzberg (Baruther Str. 20, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg) and on the premises of the former airport Tempelhof (Columbiadamm 8-10, 12101 Berlin) are available under this programme. Rehearsal rooms are initially allocated to musicians/bands for a period of two years.

Call for applications

A call for applications to this programme is usually issued every two years for each location.

Application procedure

Previous renters are eligible to reapply.

Please refer to the current version of the programme flyer (in German) for detailed information on submitting an application.

Informationsblatt zur Vergabe von Übungsräumen für Musikgruppen bzw. Musiker/innen

PDF-Document (139.7 kB) - As of: 19. November 2019

Anlage zum Antrag zur Vergabe von Übungsräumen (Künstlerischer Werdegang)

PDF-Document (103.4 kB) - As of: 19. November 2019

Please submit your application – together with all relevant documentation – online.

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