Cultural institutions

Deutsche Oper

Berlin’s appeal is rooted not least of all in its rich and diverse landscape of outstanding cultural institutions. A European cultural capital with a high profile on the national and international stage, Berlin is home to numerous theatre and dance ensembles, orchestras, literary houses, interdisciplinary cultural institutions, the four companies of the Berlin Opera Foundation and scores of museums and centres for the visual arts, memorials and sites of remembrance as well as major archives and libraries.
The Senate provides institutional funding to over seventy cultural institutions across Berlin. These grants are allocated through the House of Representatives within the framework of the state’s biennial budget.
In recent years Berlin’s formerly state-owned cultural institutions have to a large degree been re-established as legally independent entities. The operational responsibility for these institutions now rests with the respective foundations, limited liability enterprises (GmbHs) and LHO business units. Within the scope of its administrative operations Cultural Affairs ensures that recipients meet the legal requirements for the handling of public funds and monitors the appropriate use of all monies.