Funding for presentations of existing work

Target group / Purpose of funding

This programme provides funding to professional artists and independent groups / ensembles based in Berlin. Institutions, particularly those working for or with the independent arts scene, may also apply to this programme.

The programme was established to support the presentation of productions by Berlin-based artists and groups / ensembles to a wider audience and to enhance the impact of funding directed to artists and their works over the longer term by facilitating the programming of previously performed work. Funding under this programme is available for works / productions of all genres and disciplines.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Applicants must be able to document the successful development and performance of a previous production in Berlin. Musical productions by Berlin-based artists and groups initially performed outside of Berlin are eligible for funding.
  • In order to be eligible for funding, the programming of productions in the genres of spoken theatre, children’s and youth theatre, puppetry, performance and dance theatre should encompass a minimum of four performances in Berlin.
  • Applications relating to the programming of music and music theatre productions should encompass a minimum of two performances.
  • Applications for funding must be submitted prior to the commencement of a project.
  • Projects granted funding through other programmes administered by the federal state of Berlin or the Capital Cultural Fund are not eligible for funding through this programme.
  • Artists applying for funding must live and work in the federal state of Berlin. In the case of groups / ensembles, the majority of members must live and work in Berlin.
  • Applicants may not be enrolled at a higher education institution.

Funding volume

Applications may be submitted for up to € 30,000 per project.
Funding is available for the preparation and implementation of (incl. rehearsals and performances) projects by individuals and groups.

Call for applications

A tendering and awards procedure is staged twice yearly for this funding programme.

Application procedure

Please refer to the current version of the program flyer (in German) for detailed information.

  • Informationsblatt Wiederaufnahmeförderung

    PDF-Document (80.9 kB) - As of: 15. Dezember 2022

  • Musterfinanzierungsplan

    XLSX-Document (29.8 kB) - As of: 15. Dezember 2022

  • Empfehlungen zur Honoraruntergrenzen, Ausstellungshonorare und Lesehonorare

    PDF-Document (92.5 kB) - As of: Januar 2023

Online Application

Please submit your application – together with all relevant documents – online.
Access the online application

Funding results

Förderergebnisse Wiederaufnahmeförderung 2018 to 2022