Interdisciplinary institutions

Kino Babylon Berlin

Funding is provided by the Federal Sate of Berlin to five interdisciplinary institutions which bring together various genres in their work and/or do not restrict their activities to a particular cultural form or discipline.

UfaFabrik Berlin is an international cultural centre and housing project with an integrated, socio-cultural approach to work, culture, creativity and the community. The centre operates a programme of cultural events including theatre, cabaret, vaudeville, world music, and circus and theatre events for children.

Consense GmbH hosts a broad range of events at the Kulturbrauerei complex – which includes the Kesselhaus and Maschinenhaus venues – including festivals, concerts, readings, night clubs, and dance, opera and theatre performances. Musical entertainment is the main focus of the Kulturbrauerei’s programme.

Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH creates and manages complex cultural projects and initiatives, and provides services to museums and exhibitions in Berlin. The organization develops cultural education programmes and provides administrative assistance and/or funding to unincorporated venues and festivals. Kulturprojekte Berlin is the organizer of events such as the “Long Night of the Museums” and “Berlin Art Week” as well as a series of year-long cultural programmes (Berliner Themenjahre).

Neue Babylon Berlin GmbH is the operator of the Babylon Cinema in Berlin-Mitte, a not-for-profit cinema showing art house films, experimental and alternative cinema, films of historical importance and film series. Current releases, concerts and readings round off the cinema’s programme.