Travel grants for projects abroad

Deadline for submission/application: 2 May for the current year and 17 October for the following year, both at 6 p.m.

Online applications must have been submitted by 6 p.m., transfers that have begun will be automatically cancelled.

Notes on formal exclusion

Exceeding the specified maximum number of pages, characters and/or megabytes will result in formal exclusion. Incorrectly or incompletely uploaded identification, passport and/or registration documents, as well as a missing GbR declaration in case of groups will lead to formal exclusion. When submitting your application, please make absolutely sure that you upload all correct and necessary documents in a legible manner!

Target group / Purpose of funding

Grants are awarded for travel and transport in connection with outstanding projects abroad. Funding is available for projects by professional Berlin artists or groups from all artistic disciplines in cooperation with suitable foreign partners in international cultural exchange. The funding is intended for temporary, high-profile presentation formats with a public impact, e.g. exhibitions, concerts, and guest performances.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Eligible to apply are natural persons (individual artists or groups) who have their primary residence in Berlin.
  • Groups must form a GbR for the purpose of the trip.
  • The majority of the group members live (primary residence) and work in Berlin.
  • The Berlin artists are invited by an international partner abroad with their presentation project to present themselves to the public there.
  • Own contributions of the local organizers must be proven.
  • The presentation must be expected to lead to sustainable contacts.
  • The presentation abroad must take place in the respective funding year and has not yet begun.
  • Not eligible are: Pure artist residencies, working, research and study visits.

Funding volume

The grants are awarded for travel and transport costs for outstanding presentations by Berlin artists abroad. Grants of 500, 1.000, 2.000, 3.000, 4.000, 5.000, 6.000, 7.000 or 8.000 Euro can be applied for. A grant of more than 8.000 Euro may be awarded upon submission of a special justification.
The attachment ‘Reisende und Transport’ (Travellers and Transport) must be used. You can find the form for download here on the website.

Call for applications

The grants are awarded twice a year. Applications must be submitted by May 2 for the current year and October 17 for the following year.
Travel plans submitted by the application deadline of 2 May 2023 can take place in July 2023 at the earliest. Travel plans for 2024 should be submitted in the second round of applications, by 17 October 2023.

Application procedure

Please refer to the current version of the information sheet for more details on submitting an application.

  • Information Sheet Travel Grants International

    PDF-Document (1.1 MB) - As of: 16. August 2023

  • Vordruck Anlage Reisende und Transport

    DOCX-Document (47.8 kB) - As of: 16. August 2023

  • Vordruck Erklärung zur GbR-Zugehörigkeit - Gruppenvollmacht

    DOCX-Document (17.6 kB) - As of: 16. August 2023

Please submit your application – together with all relevant documentation – online.

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