Foreign residency programme of the Federal Republic of Germany

The German federal government each year awards grants to outstanding artists working in the fields of visual art, architecture, music (composition), film, literature and performance. Highly gifted artists can apply for these grants for foreign residencies in Italy, France and the USA. Some of the programmes are also adressed to writers, journalists and young scientists.

Please note that all application processes have been moved to a central online application centre. Since November 2020 all applications are processed by the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States (Kulturstiftung der Länder).

Please find further information (in German) here:

Target group / Purpose of funding

The German federal government and state governments award grants for residencies abroad to outstanding professional artists working in the fields of visual art, architecture/landscape architecture, music (composition) and literature (not Paris). Outstanding artists based in Berlin can apply directly through the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States (Kulturstiftung der Länder) – an application through the Berlin Senate Department for Culture is no longer possible.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Artists wishing to participate in this programme should have a track record of producing outstanding work and be able to verify this with their portfolio.
  • Applicants must hold German citizenship (and be registered with their primary residence and be working in Germany) or have lived (with their primary residence in) and worked primarily in Germany for at least the last five years.
  • Applicants must have a basic knowledge of the language of the host country when they embark upon their residency.

Funding volume

Artists awarded residencies at the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo, Casa Baldi or the German Study Centre in Venice receive free accommodation and a monthly grant (incl. costs for travel/transport and material) from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media of €2,500 for guests of Villa Massimo and Casa Baldi, and €1,500 monthly for residents at the Study Centre in Venice). The German Academy Rome Villa Massimo and Casa Baldi provide studios for resident artists.

Artists awarded residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris receive a monthly grant from Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture (incl. travel/transport and material) of €2,500 plus free accommodation.

Call for applications

Applications must be received by January 15 in the year prior to the intended residency.

Application procedure

Former residents of the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo and Casa Baldi may only apply for a residency at the sister institution under special circumstances and upon completion of their first residency.

The application centre is online as of November. Please find further information here:

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