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EU and International Affairs

Flaggen der EU

European Affairs

Our objectives regarding European Affairs are the observation of developments in the European policy realm, to help shape EU-policies, and to strengthen European competencies within the Senate Department. European Affairs

City Partnerships

We aim at facilitating an intense professional exchange with our 17 official partner cities. Moreover, the Senate Department maintains cooperative relationships with an ever growing number of additional municipalities. City Partnerships

Delegation vor dem Stadtmodell


The Unit for EU and International Affairs takes care of international delegations and organizes excursions and bilateral meetings of political representatives. In the past we have welcomed delegations from all over the world. Delegations

Eurocities Logo


The Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action — together with various other Berlin Senate Departments — represents the Federal State of Berlin within the European “EUROCITIES” network. Networks

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