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The Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action — together with various other Berlin Senate Departments — represents the Federal State of Berlin within the European “EUROCITIES” network – an association of over 190 large cities and capitals in 39 European countries.

Its goals are to enhance technical and professional exchange amongst authorities and to strengthen local issues through conjoined appearance and action towards EU decision-makers.

The thus established wide European networks of our employees provide the opportunity for professional and technical exchange and circulation of successful problem-solving approaches, which often prove to be transferable across borders.

Furthermore, the joint appearance of Europe’s metropolitan and large cities increases the chances and opportunities of successfully introducing urban concerns and affairs to the European policy and legislative processes. Therefore, we regularly participate in developing joint positions and policy papers to support the actors in European policy-making to make informed decisions by providing them with relevant information from shared practices of European municipalities.