Retrofitting with a particulate filter

Kfz-Verkehr - Abgaswolke

Car traffic - exhaust cloud

Older diesel vehicles that do not receive a green sticker or cannot profit from exemption regulations must not enter the low emission zone. However, it is not always necessary to replace vehicles since they can often be retrofitted with a particulate filter. This applies in particular to vehicles with a yellow sticker (diesel vehicles with Euro 3).

Only certified filters with a general operating permit by the Federal Motor Transport Authority may be used for retrofitting. The technical requirements for particulate filters are specified in Annex XXVI (Cars/light commercial vehicles) and Annex XXVII (Trucks) of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

The workshop will issue a certificate of the installation of the filter system. The licensing office will make an entry in section 22 of the vehicle documents based on this certificate and may award a higher category sticker.

A vehicle’s emissions standard classification (Euro norm) and its corresponding classification for German road tax will not change as a result of a retrofit, since it does not reduce the other regulated pollutants.

The long-standing funding for particulate filter retrofit by the Federal Government expired in 2016.

Where can I find information about retrofitting for my vehicle on the Internet?

You can find information on retrofitting options in this Internet database

It may be worthwhile consulting several workshops or even a repair shop specialised in retrofitting. Vendors and manufacturers of retrofit systems will also be able to provide information, for example via the Internet.