Traffic management

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Traffic Control Centre Traffic Control Centre

It controlles the traffic lights in Berlin at about 2.000 intersections, as well as nine Variable Message Sign Systems (VMS) mainly on the Berlin motorways. It monitors the traffic situation on more than 1.500 km of roads. The Berlin centre is one of the biggest state-of-the-art traffic control centres in Europe More information

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Traffic control

The traffic control ensures that on Berlin's roads the traffic keeps flowing. The basics of traffic control show you the complete and broad spectrum of tasks of the Berlin Traffic Control - from special bus lanes to film shooting permissions up to rail replacement services. More information

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Permanent regulations

The road traffic authorities decide whether road traffic measures are necessary for the control of the road traffic and transport in the interests of safety and regulation. On the basis of the road traffic regulations the authorities decide which traffic regulation orders have to be made. More information

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Temporary authorisations

The Berlin Traffic Management is the competent authority for granting temporary authorisations e. g. for construction sites or for events. More information

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Responsibilities of traffic authorities

The respective department of the Land of Berlin and the boroughs share responsibility for road traffic. Here is more information about the responsibility of the boroughs and traffic management. More information