Responsibilities of traffic authorities

The respective department of the Land of Berlin and the boroughs share responsibility for road traffic.

Responsibility of the boroughs

The authorities of the boroughs mainly take care of the stationary traffic (i.e. all issues around parking) and traffic on minor roads.

In particular, it concerns

  • Disabled parking space
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Local traffic initiatives in water and biotope protection
  • Stopping or parking rules for construction, relocations and delivery
  • Use of public roads for construction
  • Information booths, markets and events (permits on minor roads)
  • Minor roads
  • Parking in no-parking zones
  • Parking facilities for disabled and blind persons
  • Parking fees, exemptions and resident permits
  • No-parking zones
  • Bicycle lanes on minor roads
  • Two-way cycling in one-way streets
  • Compulsory use of bike lanes
  • Taxi stands
  • Umweltzone (Environmental zone) exemptions

The boroughs are also responsible for many issues of road building.

These traffic authorities of Berlin’s boroughs are therefore your first contact.

If necessary, the departments will refer you to Traffic Management.

Further information:

Berlin Traffic Management

The department Traffic Management is in charge of all activities related to traffic on the main roads of Berlin’s road network.

This public department is responsible for safety on Berlin’s main roads. It also optimises traffic around major construction sites, at large events and demonstrations, but also in cases of accidents and other unexpected obstructions. The department reports on traffic disruptions jointly with BVG(Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) and VIZ(Verkehrsinformationszentrale) Berlin.


Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment
Department Traffic Management
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin

Management: Christian Haegele
Tel.: +49 30 902594-672
Fax: +49 30 902594-699