Supply with Public Playground Space

The level of supply of playground space is derived from the ratio between the existing stock and the calculated requirement.

The level of supply with public playgrounds is reported to the Senate Department for Urban Development and The Environment annually by the borough administrations. The entire stock of public playground space in the city (usable, applicable) is approx. 220 ha (as of 2015).

For the calculation of the demand for public playground space in Berlin, § 4 Sect. 1 of the Children’s Playground Law specifies a guideline value of 1 sq. m. of playground space per inhabitant. On the basis of 3.6 million inhabitants as of 2015, the overall citywide requirement would be approx. 340 ha of playground area. With a stock of approx. 220 ha of public playground space, or an average supply of approx. 0.6 sq. m. of public playground space per resident, a deficit of approx. 120 ha exists. The level of supply with public playground space is therefore approx. 60 %.

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