General Exemptions from Driving Ban in Germany

The following vehicles are exempt from the traffic bans in low-emission zones in accordance with Annexe 3 of the Marking Ordinance (35th Ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Protection Act). They may be driven without a sticker or with any sticker in all low-emission zones in Germany.

  1. Mobile engines and equipment,
  2. Working machinery,
  3. Agricultural and forestry tractors,
  4. Two- or three-wheeled vehicles,
  5. Ambulances, emergency medical cars with the sign “Arzt Notfalleinsatz”
  6. Vehicles driven by or with people suffering from impaired mobility or who are severely disabled or blind whose severe disability pass contains the codes “aG”, “H” or “Bl” in accordance with the Severely Disabled Persons Pass Ordinance,
  7. Vehicles for which the special rights according to Article 35 of the German Traffic Regulations (StVO) can be called on,
  8. Vehicles of foreign military personnel from non-NATO countries who are in Germany for the purpose of collaboration provided their vehicles are being used for urgent military reasons,
  9. Civilian vehicles used on behalf of the Federal German military forces involving journeys in fulfillment of official duties of the German military forces that cannot be postponed,
  10. Vintage cars (in accordance with Article 2 section 22 of the vehicle registration regulation) which bear a registration number in accordance with Article 9 Section 1 or Article 17 of the vehicle registration regulations as well as vehicles which are licensed in a European Union member state, in another contracting party of the treaty concerning the European Economic Area or in Turkey provided they fulfil equivalent requirements.

Information on the exemptions for severely disabled persons with the code "aG", "H" or "Bl"

It will be necessary to present the severe disability pass at traffic inspections.

A parked car must display the parking permit (EU parking permit) for severely disabled persons behind the windscreen clearly showing the codes “aG” or “Bl”. The EU parking permit can be obtained from the local road traffic authorities.

Severely handicapped persons with the mark “H”, who are not eligible for a parking permit, can alternatively get an exemption certificate from the sticker requirement from the Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment (Senatsverwaltung für Mobilität, Verkehr, Klimaschutz und Umwelt). This certificate is only valid in Berlin.

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